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Tory shows how a small shift of thinking can have a huge impact on health and weight.

Diane Sawyer, ABC News

You can do this.

Tory Johnson’s #1 bestselling, inspirational journey to a healthier and happier life – is now available in paperback with new and exclusive content.

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NEW in this edition: Tory profiles the success of others who were inspired to SHIFT and she includes a selection of her favorite new recipes—the foods that helped her alter her relationship with food!

THE SHIFT is not just a remarkable weight-loss journey; THE SHIFT is a gutsy look at what it takes to undo a lifetime of self-sabotaging habits and feel great about the change and yourself.

A single conversation with a boss forced Tory Johnson to face the one challenge that had always defeated her: her weight. After a lifetime of obesity, of failing at fad diets and sporadic health programs, Tory made the shift by recognizing that it was time to lose weight once and for all, and do it her way. In 12 months, she lost more than 60 pounds… and to this day her SHIFT continues.

Now in paperback, THE SHIFT also includes a moving epilogue from Tory.

  • Looking back at my weight roller coaster, I see a direct correlation between my weight and the highs and lows in my life. The Shift inspired me to do the hard work, to stop viewing it all as negative and embarrassing and to realize that food will not fix it.

    Nakia Kelley, PA

  • I have never been healthier. I feel like I can be more creative in my life because I’ve taken one little step at a time for me. If I can do it, anyone can.

    Michele Sipolt Kapustka, Chicago, IL

  • I am slowly losing the weight with a low-carb vegetarian diet and exercise. Having my twin sister doing this alongside me has been helpful. We check in daily and make sure we are each on track. I now crave healthy foods, especially green vegetables!

    Liz Lee Schullo, Nashville, TN