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The Shift



The Shift_NY Bestseller.jpegFor Tory Johnson, weight has always been an issue.

She was ashamed of the way she looked, but could never find the will to change. She failed at one diet after another. At some point, she resigned herself to being fat.SWT_Defition Final_-06

Then a single conversation changed her life: a network executive warned Tory that if she didn’t lose weight, her television career might be over.

In that instant, Tory experienced something profound: A Shift. She knew she didn’t just want to change: she had to change. It was the fuel she needed to break free from the past.

BA_gma_blackThe Shift begins with this eye-opening incident and follows Tory on her amazing weight-loss journey. She creates a plan, makes a list of things she’s willing to sacrifice and teaches herself the realities of self-discipline. With disarming honesty, she shares her experience of overcoming inevitable challenges and roadblocks.

In the end, Tory is not just a healthier and happier woman – but living a better life, too.

For anyone who has struggled to make big life changes, The Shift offers valuable lessons and inspiration for taking charge – once and for all.

“If I can do it, anyone can,” Tory says.

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Paperback Release Coming September 2014. Now with Tory’s Favorite Recipes and All-New Updates. 

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Your Personal Stories

Subject: Loved your book

Hi Tory,
I saw you on GMA this morning and downloaded your book at lunchtime. Thanks in part to a long train ride this afternoon, I just finished reading it. At times, it was like you were inside my head writing my thoughts about how I feel about myself and my weight, right down to always thinking that I will be the fat girl in the room in pants and a jacket when everyone else is in a cute dress. Thanks for saying that this is hard to do and you need patience. Everyone always says that if you do this or that, it will easy. Thanks for your honesty.
You reminded me of a time in my career when a manager gave me bit of a talking to during my annual review. She said I was doing ok, but why was I satisfied with ok. She gave me several concrete examples of things I could do over the next year. When we met a year later, she looked me straight in the eye and said that no one had ever taken her advice so seriously, done everything she recommended and even added more. She went on to say that people had taken parts of her advise, but never everything on the list. In addition to feeling great, I received a wonderful raise and bonus. I had forgotten about that time.
Thanks for reminding me about it and my success. I am going to think about that and be inspired by you to think that a year from now, I can be where I am now or I can make different choices. September 10 will come around either way.
Wishing you much success with the book. Thanks again for sharing your story.
Ann B.

Subject: Many thanks…

Your story/book made me cry. I read your book today in one sitting. It could have been me as the central character. I have been overweight for most of my 61 years. Sure there were some young adult years when I was “svelte”, but I have secretly hated myself because of my weight and lack of self control for decades. Retired after a very successful marketing career, having traveled the country and world, given zillions of speeches and counting friends from NYC to LA, I am still unhappily fat.
Your story is inspirational. I watched you slowly melt every week on GMA and have loved you and your spunk at every size! Way to go! You are a focussed, driven, lovely woman and one that I still hope to become. I applaud your honesty and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey to losing weight and changing your life. Wow! “The Shift” will be my guide

Best wishes for continued success,
Sue C.

Subject: downloaded your book on my Kindle today

Dear Tory,
I saw you on GMA this morning and immediately downloaded your book on my Kindle and have been reading it all day…my husband, Paul is identical to your Peter and my boyz (ages 22 and 20) are identical to your kidz in their knowledge and experience with this yo-yo diet trip of ours that they have all been dragged along with. (I too, have a 20 year love affair with Diet Pepsi!!) You look fabulous and I am so inspired by what I have read so far. I don’t normally watch GMA and so I feel like stumbling on to your story was meant to be for me and my own “Shift.”

Blessings to you and your family,
Karin M.

Subject: Your message to me

Your message could not have come at a better time. I am 43, mother to twins age 7 1/2, and uprooted my fam from Ohio to Portland a year ago in search of “something more”. We all love it here, and yet…
I am 230#, have always been bigger but I am 10 pounds shy of where i was, delivering my twins. I just had an appointment this week with an orthopedist about my knee. It seems that if I were 20 years older, he would be scheduling me for a total knee replacement. It’s unstable, with most of the meniscus gone, and at times quite painful. This has made me self limit, in regards to exercise and outdoor activity with my kids.
I had just (honestly, just…) been thinking that now is the time, I need to lose the weight, figure something out, but how?
I am a Home Health Nurse, and not usually home at all during the morning hours. I had a patient cancel on me, so my day started late. I had my coffee and thought, “I’ll see what the rest of America is watching at this hour”… And there you were. I had no idea who you were, I’ve never seen any of your segments, I knew I needed to read your book. I ordered the kindle, and read it completely from last night to now. I love your insight, your understanding of the excuses and narrative that creeps into my head. I will re-read your book again, I’m sure, and have already highlighted several passages.
Thank you, for being brave enough to share your story. I understand completely the “shame” we carry, the embarrassment we feel when others comment on how we look, and am so thankful you overcame this to share, and open up so I could come across you and your story.

Thank you.



Thank you for sharing your journey. You have inspired me in so many ways you can’t even imagine.
Now that I have read your journey I feel a strength that I cannot describe. I don’t know how you did it but your words got through to me.
While my husband was deployed in 2011 I learned that I could loose weight in a very unhealthy way. I made up my mind that I would not live my life that way and the pounds have been creeping back on.
I have a new focus now after reading your story and you have put my mindset in the right direction. You have truly made an impact on my life.

Thank you,

Subject: Tory’s book The Shift

Thank you for your story. I could have written the book because it is my story. Literally as I was reading your book I had the New Atkins and Chris Powell’s new book sitting on my couch. I am in my late forties and have raised two daughters with my wonderful husband who did and said many of the same things Peter said. My entire married life I have been over weight and always wanted to be thin, to be sexy, to wear small people clothes. The good Lord knows I have tried every diet and some were successful until I fell off the wagon. Once I fall I spiral out of control. I have shared the same feelings you had when you started out on your holiday trip. It makes me mad when my family can eat whatever whenever they want. I find myself watching what and how fat people eat and I find myself watching how thin people eat. Your book has inspired me to stay the course and see where I am in a year. I too always wanted quick results, but this time I am pressing forward and I am willing to give up many of the things I love for something better. I desire and have always desired to be a thinner healthier me. Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck as you continue your journey and I wish you the best as you move forward encouraging other women.

Sandy G.


Hi Tory.
I watched you on GMA this morning talk about your lifelong struggle with and triumph over weight. When you described that being overweight is like being in a prison, I stopped in my tracks. That is exactly the way I have felt FOR YEARS! I have tried every diet out there, done cleanses, meditated, ate like a hunter, eliminated gluten and NOTHING has worked. But I never considered harnessing the power of my mind to start my journey to better health and a smaller size. Thank you for being so honest about your feelings — your tears were a reminder of the pain that goes along with not being the WHOLE person who you desperately want to be. It’s not about being super model small. It’s about being and feeling your best.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Subject: Your book!

I bought your book the first day it was available, and loved sharing your experiences with you. I had it read in 2 days, and really enjoyed your frankness in the book. It was refreshing to hear your true feelings, and not just someone trying to sell a new diet product or a magic cure for weight loss. I’m in my early 60′s, but I’m hoping this time will be my new lifestyle, and will help me to be healthier & live longer with this change. I am going to reread parts of your book whenever I need motivation. I need to lose almost 70 lbs. and am willing to do the work for it. I hope I can stay motivated and focused like you.

Thanks for your hints.
Sandy S.